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Andreas Klein accomplishes with immaculate technique a rare beauty of sound…

Stampa Sera, Rome, Italy

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Youtube Andreas KleinYouTube

Andreas Klein’s official YouTube Channel features music videos and music recordings as well as the following series, which are produced for any concert listener, piano teacher and student alike:

The Piano Room:

With his new series “THE PIANO ROOM”, Andreas Klein offers a look at the composer’s scores and inherent challenges for classical pianists. With suggestions and comments about sound, phrasing, pedaling, practicing and memorization. And with a special focus on imagination!

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Before the Concert:

The series “Before the Concert” is an introduction to various pieces exploring their historic context, the composer’s style and inspiration, and the inherent tasks for the pianist as interpreter. The first video starts with an introduction to various pieces of a theme-oriented recital by pianist Andreas Klein’s which represent stylistic changes and the composers’ new approach to old forms: sonatas and suites.

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Beethovens Improvisations:

Pianist Andreas Klein explores the pianistic and artistic features of all the 5 Piano Concerti’s cadenzas of the composer Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827) in first movements in the series “Beethovens Improvisations”. The first video covers the cadenza of the first movement “Allegro con brio” of Beethoven’s Piano Concerto No. 1 in C major.

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SoundCloud Andreas KleinSoundCloud

Andreas Klein’s official SoundCloud profile offers numerous classcial music recordings with free access.

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Audio recordings and music albums are available for download at:

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